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The Tattoo Contest Categories are known!!!

Who will take home the prize... and what will that prize be???

- Best Color
- Best Black & Grey
- Best Realistic
- Best Geometric
- Best Neo Traditional
- Best of Day (Saturday + Sunday)
- Best of Show



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1977 Tattoo Parlour Spain
1977 Tattoo Parlour chaini tattoo Spain
1977 Tattoo Parlour jdom tattooer Spain
1977 Tattoo Parlour tattoo primario Spain
1977 Tattoo Parlour jokodahmer Spain
1977 Tattoo Parlour mattegottattoo Spain
Abraxas Wes Wildvang (piercer)  Belgium
Abraxas Bearded Vulture Belgium
Abraxas Pip Abraxas Belgium
All4U tattoo Iwan Ririassa Netherlands
Bad Influence Tattoo Budel Natasja Kievith Netherlands
Bittersweet Coeckey Sepp Coeck Belgium
Black Anchor Ti Tattoo Torsten Kallweit "Ti" Germany
Boldlines Tattoo Bert De Ridder Belgium
Boldlines Tattoo Yannick Blockhuys Belgium
Boldlines Tattoo Timon Vandersmissen Belgium
Darah Tattoo Guillaume Steeve France
Fannes Ink Kevin Fannes Belgium
Fantasy Tattoo Jos Knevels Belgium
Fantasy Tattoo Nico Cretskens Belgium
Industrial Sting Tattoo Studio Ninou Chka Tattoo Belgium
Industrial Sting Tattoo Studio Yolecha Tattoo Belgium
Industrial Sting Tattoo Studio Nagan Tattoo Art Belgium
Ink Time Kenneth Van Boven Belgium
Ink Time Daniel Schoenmakers Belgium
Inkhouse Tattoo Allex Porto Belgium
Inkhouse Tattoo Don Porto Belgium
Inktomatik Tattoo Tom Van Immerseel Belgium
Inkursion Raf Pion Belgium
Inkursion Jesse Truyens Belgium
Into the woodz Femke gielkens Belgium
Jaxx Tat's Tinny Schellens Belgium
Jaxx Tat's Bervoets Mathias Belgium
Karmann tattoo Saenen Kurt Belgium
Letterface Tattoos Liano Bergman Belgium
Los Agujas Adri Belgium
Los Agujas Scarlett Sabrina Belgium
Los Agujas Bo Tollit tattoo Belgium
Martinez tattoo Martinet Michaël Belgium
Monarchy Tattoo Galen Kesnig Belgium
Monarchy Tattoo Björn Shanti Belgium
Moonchild Tattoos Amber Lemey Belgium
M-Tattoo Monica Belgium
Old blood tattoo Barry Lejeune Belgium
One Love Tattoo Jelle Swolfs Belgium
Rising Sun Tattoo ad van thillo Netherlands
Rising Sun Tattoo Lise Elberts Netherlands
Skeleton's Tattoo Company Martin Boots Netherlands
Spiritual Tattoo Suan Fuchs Netherlands
Tattoostudio KabarSkilZz Waegemans kurt Belgium
Tattoostudio The Saloon Les Eastwood Belgium
Tattoostudio The Saloon Who Els Belgium
Tequila Tattoos Joachim Vanderzeypen Belgium
Tequila Tattoos Tom Belmans Belgium
Tequila Tattoos Kiel Potter United Kingdom
Tequila Tattoos Alba Potter United Kingdom
The Tailorshop Doornik Nick Mariën Belgium
The Tailorshop Doornik Lilou l' île aux graph Belgium
The White Rabbit tattoo Linda Loreti Belgium
The White Rabbit tattoo Joshua Belgium
T-paint Tattoo Tom van Oevelen Belgium
Underground Tattoos Niels Horemans Belgium
United Scum Tattoo Kristof Heylen Belgium
Xtremetattoo Didde Belgium
Xtremetattoo Steve Belgium
Yellow Ink Seppe Beckers Belgium
Yellow Ink Glenn Claes Belgium